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Franchise loan consultants To start a Franchise or business you will need franchise loan consultants to maximize your business opportunity.

Funding is a key element in the start-up phase of most businesses and franchises are no exception.
Since the total investment required to start a franchise or business opportunity can range from under $10,000 to several million, potential franchisees will often seek financing to form part of their investment. Franchise loan consultants are here to guide you.

The necessity of financing is not just about getting the business started. It is vital for the franchisee that you have the funds not just to start the business but to provide cash flow through the early stages so that you can expand your business. Most franchisors will look very carefully at a number of key factors when assessing potential franchisees. These will include management or marketing experience and your fit with the company but will also involve an assessment of your financial capabilities.

One of the difficulties when considering starting a franchise is assessing exactly how much you can afford to invest. Many potential franchisees will come from employment and will be attracted to franchising because of the track record, experience and brand presence of the franchisor. It is such things that result in the lower failure rate of franchised start-ups. Luckily for you, many lenders are also attracted by those same factors. Many franchisors, because of their track records are known to lenders in their industry and are comfortable with franchisees securing financing for a portion of their investment. This can be in many forms. It may include the leasing of vans or equipment and funding for the entire project.

Many potential franchisees find the search process difficult because they have no clear perception of how much they may be able to borrow and therefore are unsure of how much they will be able to invest.

Because (Diamond Financial) is not a direct lender we are able to select the best source of funding from our pool of aggressive lenders. We can source the lender most receptive to your qualifications, type of business, site location and other criteria to increase your chances of success. The company’s specialty is SBA (Small Business Administration) loans which are provided by conventional lenders but guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

If you have OK to good personal credit, management or strong work experience and 20% - 25% down payment, then can help you secure the financing that you need now.


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