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Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Diamond Financial was formed to fill a large void in the national financing market. Studies have shown, for example, that in one year over 21 million small business loans were applied for through local banks and only 4 million were actually funded. Reasons for failure varied. DFS realized that many capable individuals were not able to identify interested financial institutions, package the loan application or justify their needs to bank officers. Over 84% were initially declined due to presentation alone. The experience and skill of the loan officer sometimes determined the potential success rate as much as the merits of the loan application itself!

Diamond Financial Services of New Jersey (DFS) is a direct source to the nation's largest and most aggressive SBA lenders.
There are so many misconceptions about SBA loans there are just too many to mention. Most anyone is eligible for the SBA loan programs. Loans are provided by private lenders, not the government. The SBA program offers lenders guarantees that insures them some coverage in the event of loan defaults. When a small business applies to a lending partner for a loan, the lender reviews the application and decides if it merits a loan on its own or if it requires additional support in the form of an SBA guaranty. In guaranteeing the loan, the SBA assures the lender that, in the event the borrower does not repay the loan, the government will reimburse the lending partner for a portion of its loss. By providing this guaranty, the SBA is able to help tens of thousands of small businesses every year get financing they would not otherwise obtain.

Working closely with the corporate offices for many of the most well known franchises in the country, Diamond Financial has made franchise and SBA loans their specialty. While we are not the direct lender, we work with some of the leading financial institutions and offices aggressively dedicated to SBA loans and financing. With many years of experience and established relationships in this industry, we can creatively structure and package your loan to allow the best possibility of financing. These financing solutions can be applied to business acquisitions, franchise purchasing, building and leasehold improvements or expansions, equipment purchases, debt restructuring, working capital, franchise fees or the buying out of partners.

With our Franchise Advantage Program, the borrower is guided step by step from the loan application through the funding of the loan. Diamond Financial will not only make the application process easier, we will significantly improve your chances of getting the loan approved. We offer complete assistance in loan packaging, application submission and assistance with closing documenstation, which accelerates the process from application to commitment to closing. Our success rate is high because we know what lenders want and need to get your loan funded. The best loan program is the one that provides you with the capital to succeed in your new venture. Diamond Financial Services is committed to finding creative solutions for all of your financing needs.

Let Diamond Financial help you through the entire loan process. We will:

  • Review and critique your business plan
  • Professionally prepare the loan package
  • Review all documents needed for application
  • Asses the structure of the loan application
  • Evaluate strengths & weaknesses of the application
  • Analyze and review revenue & expenses
  • Develop realistic revenue projections
  • Prepare summaries presenting the facts and merits of the loan application
  • Effectively communicate and present the strengths & allocations of funds for the loan
  • Selecting the right lender - an interested lender with guidelines capable of approving your loan


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