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When deciding whether to lease or buy, consider the following advantages of leasing:
  • You pay little or no down payment, and monthly payments are low
  • You pay only for the portion of the equipment you will use during the lease term, and not for the original purchase price financed over a long term with a retail purchase
  • You are not locked into owning equipment that becomes obsolete and difficult to liquidate; depreciation is no longer a concern
  • You pay only for what you use, and you have the opportunity to obtain new equipment when needed
  • You remain current in today’s changing world, as upgrades and replacements are easily available
  • You have the option to buy should you desire
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense; because lease terms are usually less than the equipment’s useful life, a lessee may be able to amortize the cost of the equipment faster through tax deductible rentals rather than through depreciation
  • No collateral is necessary other than the equipment itself
  • With equipment that carries a warranty, you always stay within that warranty with the flexibility of upgrading the equipment
  • Payments are a regular business expense that comes out of pre-tax income instead of after-tax profits. Working capital can then be applied to other areas that will generate more profit
  • Leasing covers your equipment acquisitions while established bank lines and other credit lines remain intact for other uses. In fact, leasing can improve your balance sheet by recurring long-term debt
  • The lease cost is a fixed monthly rate for the life of the contract. Budgeting and planning becomes easier and there is a hedge against inflation. By establishing the amount of the lease payment today, you are actually making use of tomorrow’s less valuable dollar
  • A lease can be tailored to your customer’s specific needs -- financially and operationally. Payments can be made to fit their budget
  • Equipment pays for itself as it helps to produce sales and profits Leasing ultimately saves you time and money

Download Franchise Leasing Docs

There are five links below for you to access right now. The first two are information about our Equipment Leasing Services at The third is a DFS leasing application. The fourth is our Credit Application in printable format. The fifth is the ON-LINE version of our Credit Application. These are all available to assist any prospective start-ups and existing franchisees that need a fast approval and funding to help their Business.  This will help their cash flow and preserve their liquid capital.  Our Lease amounts are $5K - $250K.

We only finance to the Franchise Industry.

 Let us know if you would like for us to review your list of equipment/fixtures and custom design a leasing program (to make it easier and faster when franchisees need financing).

** JUST CLICK each of the 4 documents below TO DOWNLOAD. You will be prompted to OPEN and SAVE to your computer.

Franchise Leasing Brochure and Information.doc

Franchise Financing Services - 5 programs.doc 

DFS Leasing Application Package.doc

Franchise Leasing Credit App in PDF Format


** Below is the online version of our Credit Application if you prefer this over the printable version above:

Franchise Leasing ON-LINE Credit Application


Download Franchise Leasing Docs


To calculate what your monthly payment (Debt Service) would be on your franchise loan, and to properly help determine operating cash flow and business projections, simply plug in the loan size, term (number of years) and interest rate.

* Most start-up franchise loans are SBA (Small Business Administration). We also offer non-SBA loan programs. Terms are negotiable only for “stronger” borrowers.

• note – currently the interest rate is 6% (2¾ over prime rate variable). Terms are usually 10 years on leased space and up to 25 years if Commercial Real Estate is included in the loan. Also, the minimum loan size is $100,000.

The results of this loan payment calculator are for estimation purposes only.
The result will be a close approximation of actual loan repayments, if available,
at the terms entered from a financial institution.

Figures can be adjusted to preferred amounts.

Minimum Loan Amount
$ without commas
(Usual Min.) Length of Loan
(Current) Interest Rate
Monthly repayment
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

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