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Traditional Bank Financing SBA Financing (

• Higher Down Payment (30-40%)

• Limited to No Working Capital

• 5–7 Year Term (without R. E.)

• Higher Monthly Payments

• 100% or High Collateral Required

• Potential Lengthy Loan Process

• Smaller Pool of Prospective Borrowers     (due to higher down payment)

• Not Educated with Most Franchisors

• Top Personal Credit Score Needed

• Experience a requirement

• Lower Down Payments (20-25%)

• Working Capital always included

• Longer Term (10-25 years)

• Lower Monthly Payments

• Most Loans approved are under collateralized

• 3–4 Weeks Average Closing Time
    (from loan approval)

• Larger Pool of Prospective Borrowers
    (due to lower down payment)

• Our Lenders are very “Pro-Franchise”

• Do Not Need Perfect Credit

• Experience Not Mandatory


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